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About Recliners

Looking for the perfect recliner chair? We have a wide variety of options that can fit any budget. Our leather recliner chairs are always a hit, but we also offer fabric options too. Choose from a selection of fabrics, styles, and colors online or at one of our locations throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, and the LA metro area.

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Living Room Recliner Chairs

If you have ever sat in a recliner chair, you already understand its "ahhhh" factor. Living room recliners are popular with people of all ages for their immense comfort and adjustability. If you are ready to add a recliner to your home, come check out our great selection; we offer leather and fabric recliner chairs in a number of colors and styles.

For example, our popular Austin leather recliner comes in soft and supple leather in brown, and we also offer other recliners in fabric colors like light gray and blue.

Shop Leather and Fabric Recliners for Sale

Customers who prefer the durability and look of leather will not be disappointed with our selection. Each leather recliner chair features outstanding construction and supreme comfort that makes it perfect for sitting back and relaxing after a long day. We also offer living room recliners with fabric covers.

For instance, our "LiveSmart" polyester fabric is stain-resistant and repels liquids and spills for easy cleaning. This way, if your pets or kids hop up into the recliner with you and accidentally spill your beverage, you can clean it up in a snap -- no harm, no foul.

Swivel Recliners

Why simply recline when you can also swivel? Our swivel recliners are popular with our valued customers for a number of reasons, including their ability to swivel around 360 degrees. If you are settled into your leather recliner and ready to watch your favorite show but realize the remote is on the coffee table to the right, simply swivel the chair around for easy access.

We offer a number of swiveling living room recliners. If you prefer fabric, our appropriately named Serenity model is upholstered with lovely, light grey "LiveSmart" polyester fabric.

Power Recliners

For people who love technology, you can't go wrong with a power recliner. As their name implies, these living room recliners come equipped with power touch recline buttons and a power-adjustable headset that make finding the perfect position exceptionally easy.

Power recliners also include a 2.1-amp USB port to charge up your electronics, and the premium motor and mechanisms are powerful and built to last. Customers who prefer leather will also find plenty of power recliner options.

Recliners With Power Headrest

In addition to featuring some pretty innovative technology, a power recliner with power headrest is a perfect choice for people with mobility issues. For instance, many of our leather recliner chairs offer a power adjustable headrests and power touch recline buttons. The buttons allow you to effortlessly move the chair and the headrest into the perfect position.

Recliners With Power Lumbar Support

Power recliners with a built-in power lumbar support system are ideal for customers with back issues. Thanks to the user-friendly power buttons, it's easier than ever to adjust these living room recliners to the perfect supportive position. Come give our affordable recliner chairs a try.

The handy 2.1-amp USB port will allow you to charge up your smartphone as you lounge in the recliner, catch your fave show or read a book.

Power Lift Recliners

People who need assistance getting out of a recliner will find that and more with one of our stylish and comfortable power lift recliners. Our power lift recliner chair models come in variety of fashionable high-performance fabrics and include a lift function that will assist you in standing up from the seat.

The dual motors control the feet and back independently, and, in case of a power outage, the chair includes an integrated emergency battery backup built right into the leather recliner.

Give Our Living Room Recliners a Try!

To fully appreciate just how comfortable, well-built, and attractive our selection of living room recliners is, we invite you to take a trip to your local Jerome's Furniture store to sample our wide selection. Try out the manual or power reclining features and see in person how soft and comfy each fabric and leather recliner truly is.

When you are ready to buy, take advantage of our Jerry's Price promise, which means you will find affordable, everyday low prices every time you stop in!