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Coffee & Cocktail Tables

About Coffee & Cocktail Tables

The search for the perfect coffee or accent table for your living room is over! At Jerome's, we have a wide selection of side, accent, and coffee tables that will be a great addition to your living room.

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We are continuously updating our inventory to ensure we have the best selection throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. No matter your budget, needs, or living room setup, you can browse by style, type, or material to find exactly what you're looking for.

Find Affordable Living Room Tables

In addition to providing a useable surface for your living room, some living room tables also have storage options, either inside the table itself (by offering a lift-up top) or underneath, where you can place baskets or bins for toys, games, or blankets.

Perfect living room tables can definitely change your space from a sterile zone into a cozy and relaxing retreat.

Find Perfect Coffee Tables Today

Coffee tables are the most popular type of living room tables that most of our customers are looking for. These types of tables tie a living room configuration together by "anchoring" the space in front of your sofas, chairs, or loveseats.

They also provide a great tabletop for you and your guests to play games or set down mugs or plates. Coffee tables are also great as a decorative element, either on their own or with a few home accents placed on top.

Occasional and Accent Tables

Most accent tables are placed around a room as a decorative element or to place items that you'll need when entering or leaving a room (such as keys or sunglasses). They are perfect for holding a candle, flowers, or other decorative elements to give the room a little more flair.

Cocktail Table Set

The living room is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. A cocktail table set allows you to hold glasses, mixers, and alcohol in a central location so making a drink can be a fun part of your evening or time spent with friends. The perfect cocktail table is useful but unobtrusive -- you can get your drink on without bumping into an oversized corner or edge.

Side Tables

Looking for the perfect table to sit next to your chair or sofa? After our coffee tables, end tables are the next most popular type of table we sell. End tables are a must in almost any room and have a lot of purposes.

First, they can be used between two recliners, chairs, or other living room furniture pieces so people on either side can use the tabletop for drinks, books, or other necessities.

Similarly, as the name suggests, "end" tables are also used at the ends of couches or other major pieces of living room furniture, like settees. These tables are perfect as a resting place for any item that needs to be in reach. Many side tables also have lower storage, which is great for magazines, books, coasters, remotes, or other gadgets that tend to clutter up a room if they don't have a designated location.

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No matter what type of end tables, cocktail tables, coffee tables, or accent tables you are looking for, be sure to visit one of our local Jerome's Furniture locations. With same-day delivery and in-store financing, it's easier than ever to choose living room tables you can enjoy for many years to come. Plus, Jerry's Price ensures you'll never overpay for our quality goods.