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About Kids Mattresses

Do you need a twin or full mattress for your kid's or teen's room? We have gel, innerspring, and other mattress types available so your child can sleep comfortably and through the night. Browse our available options and filter by price range to see what fits best.

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Shop Kids' Beds -- Full & Twin Mattresses

When you have kids, your quality of sleep is directly tied to their quality of sleep; a kid who tosses and turns and wakes up multiple times a night equals sleep-deprived parents. One of the best ways to ensure a good night's sleep for everyone is to invest in a comfortable and supportive kid's mattress and mattress foundation.

At Jerome's, we offer a variety of gel, innerspring, foam, and Support-A-Pedic teen and kids' mattresses in both twin and full sizes. Best of all, we make sure your quality of sleep doesn't come at a price that will keep you up at night -- our kids' mattresses run between $90 to $500.

Browse Our Selection of Mattresses for Kids' and Teens' Beds

Just like adults, kids and teens have unique preferences when it comes to their mattresses. That's why we have something for everyone ... and for every budget. Browse our mattresses for kids and teens online and filter by mattress size, price, and whether the mattress style is compatible with an adjustable base.

Once you've narrowed down your selection, check out the product descriptions to determine the most comfortable kids' mattress for your child (and for you on those nights you accidentally fall asleep tucking them into bed).

Gel Mattresses for Kids' Beds

Maybe you live in a warmer climate or just have a kid who runs hot. Either way, a gel mattress might be the answer for your child. Children's mattresses that include a gel-infused layer are cooler to sleep on because they enhance air circulation. Our twin-sized Jerome's-gel kid's mattress features gel-infused memory foam on top of classic memory foam and a resilient foam base.

Supportive Mattresses

For side sleepers, kids who prefer a softer mattress, or anyone who likes to feel like they're sleeping on a cloud, check out our supportive kids' mattresses. They come in both twin and full sizes and can be compatible with an adjustable base.


In addition to a kids' mattress, many people purchase a mattress foundation. Foundations provide support for mattresses, as opposed to box springs, which are designed for shock absorption. Our Dream Shop mattress foundations come in twin and full sizes and are compatible with any of our kids' mattresses. Additionally, for a bed with less overall height, our slim profile twin Bunkie Board foundation provides a solid surface foundation and can be used with any kid's bed in place of a standard height foundation or box spring.

Visit Jerome's to Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Child's Bed

There is no better way to pick out a children's mattress than in person. Come into your local Jerome's and test out our selection of teen and kids' mattresses. Don't worry about looking silly laying down while browsing -- everyone does it!

And don't worry about being hounded by gimmicky sales tactics, that's not our style. When you've found a winner, you'll get it at our everyday low cost, Jerry's price, no haggling necessary.