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It can be a struggle to find high-quality, affordable bedroom furniture for kids or teens that can grow with them as they get older. You don't want to get something that they will dislike or that can't be used for several years.

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At Jerome's, we strive to combine the fun parts of childhood with the beauty of long-lasting furniture. Choose from our selection of complete bedroom sets or pick and choose a dresser, bed, desk, bunk bed, or other furniture in our kids and teens section.

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Kids bedroom furniture has come a long way. We offer surprisingly stylish, high-quality, and durable bedroom sets, nightstands, bunk beds, and more.

Whether your child is just starting to sleep in a "big kid bed" or they are going into high school soon, these affordable kids furniture options have a wide selection that will fit almost any need and preference.

Kids and Teens Beds

There are a variety of kids and teens beds that come in a variety of sizes. We offer sets that fit twin mattresses, as well as bigger bed sizes, such as full. Our beds also feature several different styles that can accommodate both the bedroom size and the style preference of the child.

Bunk Beds

Besides traditional beds, we also offer a few fun bunk bed options that are perfect for kids that share a bedroom or want to have an additional bed for guests for friend sleepovers.

Looking for a triple twin bunk bed or a bunk bed that has a desk at the bottom and bed on the top? We offer those styles that make for a perfect solution for room sharing or a vacation home.

The ages of simple twin bunk beds are over (even though we offer those as well!) - we even have a "full over full" bunk bed option for bigger kids or even adults who are going to share a room.


Looking for a comfortable futon for your kids' bedroom or your new teen's hideaway? We offer a few futon styles in colors that are easy to match with your existing decor.

Kids and Teens Mattresses

Without the proper mattress, a new bed can't be used! Check out our selection of kids and teens mattresses that come in the perfect sizes to fit your new or existing bedroom set. We have gel, pillowtop, and other standard styles of mattresses that can make sure your child gets a great night's sleep.


Nightstands in a child's room are great for lamps, water, books, and anything they might need during the night or before they go to bed. It also helps keeps things they use every day a little more organized, especially since many of our nightstands have shelves, drawers, or cabinets.

Chests and Dressers

Looking for clothing storage? Jerome's has several different chests and drawers that can accommodate children and teens of all ages and sizes. We offer solid-wood options that come in several finishes that can match almost any decor.

Desks and Chairs

Children and teens who have homework may need a desk and chair in their room so they can complete their assignment in a calm, quiet environment. A kid or teen desk and chair can also help them stay organized, so they don't lose any classwork.


Looking for the perfect home decor items to finish off the design of your kid's or teen's room? We have a good selection of kids bedroom accessories including bookcases, lamps, and other pieces to complement the rest of your kids or teen furniture.

We're Happy to Help! No matter your child's needs or personal sense of style, Jerome's friendly store associates at our furniture store locations around Southern California are happy to help.

We know how important having a bedroom you love can be to both kids and adults, so feel free to browse our selection of affordable kids bedroom furniture and accessories online or in-store find the perfect items for you.