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Modern indoor benches are a versatile piece of furniture you can use just about anywhere in your home. Some even double as storage, which is great if you want to maximize the use of your space.

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Some ways to make our modern contemporary benches work in your home include:

Adding an end of bed bench to your bedroom. Now you've got a seating area and maybe a place to store some extra blankets or bedding items, too!

Placing a modern indoor bench in a hallway. Add a shelf with some books on top, and you've created your own little home library in an unexpected place.

Using a bench in a living room. Now there's an extra option for seating, a footrest or storage space.

End of Bed Benches in San Diego

Jerome's selection of bedroom benches for sale comes in all types of materials, including leather, wood and fabric. You can choose a bench that complements or contrasts your other furniture to give your room a whole new look.

Lightweight vanity benches and stools are also awesome to have on hand since they're easily movable and can be used as extra seating wherever you need it in your home. Jerome's Furniture high quality, affordable bench options are functional and fashionable pieces to add to your home.

Storage and Seating Options

The benches and stools you'll find at Jerome's Furniture exude luxury without the expensive price tag. Each modern indoor bench is offered at Jerry's Price, providing you with the best value for all your home furnishing needs.

Modern/Contemporary Bench

Comfortable benches work just about anywhere; living room, home office, dining room, you name it! Benches make it easier to entertain since they're easily movable and can fit a variety of spaces. And with cozy options from Jerome's Furniture, you'll always be happy for an excuse to sit down!

Bed Bench

A bed bench is a great addition to a room. It provides a reading or study area, or comfy seating when you want to chill out and chat with your other half. Use a storage end of bed bench for extra space for blankets, bedding, clothes, toys -- whatever you're into!

Storage Bench

Don't you love when furniture is multi-functional? Benches with storage provide seating and a place for things you don't need on display -- like board games, books, blankets, even extra dining plates and utensils if your bench is in the dining room or kitchen area. Say buh-bye to unsightly storage options. Storage benches from Jerome's Furniture are as chic as they are useful.


If you're looking for storage that screams sophistication, an elegant trunk is a beautiful addition to a room. Trunks are statement pieces that are also incredibly handy. Show off your inner designer and opt for a stylish trunk when you need a place to store your stuff.


We're not talking your average chairs on stilts here! Stools are gorgeous furniture pieces that can be used with a bedroom vanity, and they can be easily transported to other living areas when extra seating is needed. Doing your makeup or getting ready in your room is so much more fun when you have comfy seating. Get ready in style with a pretty stool that would look great in a living area, too.

Find the Best Benches for Sale at Jerome's

A thoughtfully placed bench (or few) elevates your home with a touch of comfortable style. If you have impeccable taste -- and we know you do -- you'll love the selection of benches for sale at Jerome's Furniture. We only feature pieces with exceptional materials and construction. You, your kids and your guests will love any bench you bring home from Jerome's.

We have locations all over Southern California, and if you live in the area, you can even order online for home delivery. Ready to up your interior design game? Head into a Jerome's Furniture store near you. Browse benches for sale now.