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How do you define your style? If you started scratching your head, you probably need a quick lesson on today's popular furniture and interior trends. Whether you're all about the comfort of traditional canopy beds or love the quirky accents of '70s-style platform beds, this guide can help you define your style so you can decorate your bedroom without second-guessing your choices. Lucky for you, there will not be a pop quiz at the end of this.

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Best Traditional Bedroom Furniture for Your Home

Casual Beds

Casual interiors are commonly decorated with textured or upholstered furniture in neutral colors, making these types of spaces warm, comfortable, and inviting. Bedrooms decorated in a casual style should always have a surplus of pillows. After all, your home, especially your bedroom, should be comfortable -- really comfortable.

Coastal Beds

Break out the beach vibes with a coastal style. Often found in cottages and vacation homes, this easy-going, crisp, and casual style incorporates shades of blue and turquoise as well as nautical accents like shells and anchors. Pale finishes are a staple of coastal style furniture. These simple or sometimes weathered bedroom furniture finishes can be easily played up with maritime patterns or natural stripes.

Contemporary Beds

Contemporary style embodies the trends of the moment. And while trends are always changing, there is one thing about this style that rarely does: the color palette. Made up of grounding shades of neutral, white, and black, modern contemporary beds are designed with clean, geometric shapes to make a bold statement that is always on trend.

Industrial Beds

Concrete floors and sweeping factory-style windows are markers of industrial design. But just because this style is comprised of warehouse-inspired looks doesn't mean that industrial style furniture has to be stiff and uncomfortable. Look to metal accents or vintage lamps to bring industrial style into your bedroom.

Mid-Century Modern Beds

This iconic design style is inspired by the design movement from 1933 to 1965. Today, elements of mid-century modern style can be found in many homes. Mid-century modern furniture features traditional and non-traditional materials, ranging from wood to acrylics. And functionality always comes first.

Modern Beds

Modern style is often compared to contemporary style. There are many similarities that the two styles share, however, modern style refers to an era that has already passed, while contemporary style is all about what is on trend now. Modern beds and styles use more color than contemporary bed designs, yet both have minimalistic aesthetics and clean lines.

Rustic Beds

Rustic bedroom furniture has no shortage of character. The style often features oversized furniture, warm earthy tones, and other elements of farmhouse or cabin style such as weathered or distressed finishes and wood accents. Cowhide rugs or Southwestern printed pillows can be used to bring a rustic outdoor-inspired look into your bedroom.

Traditional Beds

It's not a bad thing to be predictable. When it comes to traditional style, a little predictability is what it's all about. Leaning toward a more casual aesthetic, traditional bedroom furniture has a cohesive look that is often homey, comfortable, and understated, which makes it a great fit for almost any home or bedroom.

Transitional Beds

When you mix traditional and contemporary style, the outcome is transitional style. Connecting the dots between both, transitional style weaves the sleek comfort of contemporary style with the classic homey elements of traditional style. The end result is a marriage of classic and current trends, a great option to keep in mind when shopping for bedroom furniture.

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