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Wall Art

About Wall Art

At Jerome's Furniture, we carry a wide variety of wall art to help you beautify your home and accent the character of each room in your house. Choose a look to go with each of your rooms' wall colors and patterns, along with the style of your floors and furniture. Our selection includes paintings, clocks, canvases, wall decor, sconces, shelves, and mirrors, giving you many creative ways to decorate your walls.

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Find the Best Wall Art for Your Home at Jerome's

We make it easy for you to find just the right touch for decorating your walls. Our website lets you preview each of our wall artproducts so you can check out their features and envision just how they will look on your wall. You can even narrow your search by price to find the art pieces that match your budget.

Browse our site to find what you want, and then stop in a location near you to pick up your selection today, with no need to wait for shipping.

Wall Art

There's nothing that gives a wall a touch of class like an eye-catching painting or print. We carry a number of paintings to suit the look and style of any type of room.

Our selection includes paintings of natural subjects such as shorelines and elephants, gorgeous patterns imitating agates and turquoise, mandala designs, Aztec deer art, abstract oil paintings for an edgy look, beautiful black and gold prints of maps and famous locations such as the Eiffel Tower, and imitation street signs pointing towards major cities such as New York, London, and Paris. We even carry decorative ceiling tiles.

There's something fun and fresh for every taste, color scheme and room layout.

Wall Clocks

Wall art can also serve a practical purpose. You need a clock on your wall to tell time, so why not pick a style that can enhance the look of your room?

Our selection includes a rustic wine barrel clock with a distressed finish in varying wood tones and metal Roman numerals. We also carry a replica Paris Union Hotel clock with Arabic numerals. One of our most unique clock designs is a three-dimensional metal wall clock in the shape of three gears, each with its own clock face in multi-toned finishes such as antiqued bronze and rust. It adds a striking geometric note to your room and is bound to get comments from house guests.


Another attractive wall artoption for your home is a canvas oil painting or print. We carry canvases featuring a wide variety of subjects in a full spectrum of colors, including white orchids and cherry blossoms, red forests, airplanes against golden background tones, blue and teal waves and leaves, brown doors, black-and-white tigers and skylines, and multi-colored abstract designs. Our canvas pieces range in size from 19.69 to 59 inches wide and from 19.75 to 59.06 inches high to fit any wall.

Wall Decor

A great way to enhance the style of your room is wall decor featuring unique looks, colors, and textures. We carry wall decor with designs such as lacy flowers, grates, and geometric patterns. We also carry decor crafted in visually arresting shapes such as keys, world maps, wine racks, arched windows, and flocks of birds. We even have decorative tile shapes for your ceiling.

Wall Sconces

Turn your lights into beautiful wall art accent pieces with wall sconces. One of our sconces looks like a mercury glass supported by a wooden base on a metal rod. Another looks like an antique metal candle set in large, intersecting chain links. These unique sconces combine a rustic look with an ornamental lamp style to illuminate and enhance the character of any room.

Wall Shelfs

A shelf can make a statement when you put up a decorative wall shelf. Our wooden wall shelf is shaped like an ampersand symbol, an unusual design that is sure to catch the eye and make your wall stand out. Use it to store books and small accent items while lending style to your wall. A great way to draw attention to other accent pieces in your room!


A mirror can become an opportunity to accentuate your wall when you choose a decorative mirror design. We carry two different colors of Moroccan Tamanar mirror styles designed in the shape of keyholes for a unique visual effect. Put up more than one in a pattern to give your wall a surrealistic transparent look.

Find That Perfect Accent Wall Decor at Jerome's

If you're looking for wall art, we've got what you need, from paintings and canvases to clocks and sconces. Browse our website or stop in your local Jerome's Furniture store to find the perfect accent wall decor for your home. When you buy from us, you'll enjoy our special Jerry's Price for the best prices on wall art you'll find anywhere!