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About Accent & Throw Pillows

Could your furniture use a little extra love? Decorative throw pillows and cozy blankets are the perfect final touch for your sofa, armchair, loveseat, recliner or bed. They make your home feel warm and inviting and can be switched easily depending on the season, the room's style or your current mood.

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Find Accent Pillows and Blankets in San Diego

Accent pillowsare multi-functional. They add a pop of personality to each piece of furniture they're on. They can be used to cradle your noggin while you're reclining or lying down. They're great to hold tight to when you're watching a scary movie. You could even give your propped-up feet some extra height by placing them on an ottoman.

Cozy blankets are a must-have for any room or home office. They enhance comfort on a couch. They provide extra warmth on a bed. And they're perfect for wrapping yourself up in your office if you don't feel like cranking up the thermostat.

Check out Jerome's Furniture's diverse selection of accent pillows, throw pillows, and blankets. You can use them in a variety of spots in your home and change them up as often as you feel like.

Browse Our Selection of Accent Pillows and Blankets

It's always a good idea to have a stash of throw pillowsand blankets on hand to use when you have guests over or for when you and your family want extra comfort. We offer accent pillowsand blankets at Jerry's Price. You get designer-worthy pieces at a cost your wallet will love.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillowsare an easy and functional way to show off your unique personality and sense of style. Accent pillows are great to:

  • Enhance the de;cor of a room
  • Give room visitors something to lounge on
  • Change up the look of a room instantly

To decorate with throw pillows, use these tips.

  • Think about varying the number of pillows you have on a piece of furniture to liven up the design - For a modern look for example, instead of using a traditional pair, go for an odd number. If you want more of a traditional look, aim for symmetry with your pillow selection.
  • Mix and match designs - Get funky with your decorating by incorporating multiple accent pillow designs on one piece of furniture. Unify the look by sticking to a similar color or pattern, but feature unique designs on each one.
  • Switch up the texture - Use accent pillowsin contrasting fabrics to the piece of furniture they'll be on. This offers warmth and traction and makes the whole furniture set-up more interesting.

These are a few tips, but let your heart guide you. With so many attention-grabbing and fashionable choices at Jerome's Furniture, you can really get creative with your selection.

Fur Pillows

You'll never forget the touch of a fur pillow. It's like heaven to a hand or head. And the interesting texture adds a cool look to any furniture piece.

We recommend fur throw pillowsfor:

  • Adding a luxurious touch to furniture
  • Making beds even more comfortable
  • Bringing a cozy feel indoors, any time of year

You could even pair a traditional fur pillow with a cool accent pillow for a contrasting look. Wherever you want to be cozy, adding a fur pillow is always a great idea.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are one of the best accessories you can add to your home. Jerome's Furniture has all types: faux fur and mohair, corduroy, knit and more. We even have reversible choices, so you have even more freedom in how you want to get all wrapped up.

Choose from a variety of colors and styles to complement or add interesting contrast to your room design. Easily switch blankets whenever you want to create entirely new looks for the rooms they're in.

Put throw blankets anywhere you, your family and your guests enjoy lounging. They're great on sofas, beds, chairs and even stored outside for your patio. Curl up, get snug and enjoy anything you're doing a little bit more when you're swaddled in a throw blanket from Jerome's Furniture.

Treat Yourself to Luxury -- You Deserve It!

Accent pillows and throw blankets are an affordable, easy way to enhance the design of your home. They're furniture accessories that everyone loves to use, so you'll get plenty of mileage out of them beyond how great they look in your space.

Feel the comfort yourself by coming into a local Jerome's Furniture store to browse our selection of throw pillowsand blankets. We promise your complete satisfaction and prices you'll love.