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An accent lamp does more than add character and style to a space; it provides light in areas where it is needed in the evenings and early morning. Our wide variety of decorative table lamps make the perfect addition to your desk, side table, bookcase, or shelving to ensure you always have the right amount of light in a room, no matter what you are doing.

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Find Decorative Table Lamps San Diego

Forget the big-box stores like Amazon and Target. Instead, find solutions for all your lighting needs at a local furniture store like Jerome's. With locations throughout Southern California and headquartered in San Diego, you won't have to drive far for a quality brick-and-mortar shopping experience! This means you can play with the buttons before you buy it. Amazon can't offer that!

Browse Our Selection of Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Isn't your room decor so much better when you can see it? We thought so. Jerome's has a large selection of unique lighting options, whether you're looking for a table lamp for your office desk or nightstand or a floor lamp you can dance with when no one is looking.

Table Lamps

Your first grade teacher taught you you might go blind if you keep reading in the dark. You may decades past first grade now, but you still take her very seriously. If you like to keep your nose in a book late into the night, or you burn the midnight oil with work you've brought home, get yourself a decorative table lamp that matches the room's decor (or doesn't match the room. Whatever. It's your room.).

Go fun and quirky with a fire hydrant or oil can table lamp. Jerome's has something for every style. It even has some bright ideas (literally) and one that will get your creativity gears turning.

If you'd prefer your table lamps look less like every day objects and more like just a lamp, opt for a glamorous chandelier style or a lamp with a bold, geometric base.

Floor Lamps

If you have statement pieces throughout the living room or office, opt for a simple, subtle floor lamp that will blend in -- more utility than art. If your room needs something to spice things up, a floor lamp with ornate metalwork or lanky branches with lights on the ends might be just the fix.

Floor lamps can be the star of the show or work behind-the-scenes (or act like it's doing both like this movie-set style floor lamp). Floor lamps are essential in rooms with few windows or insufficient overhead lighting.

Choosing a Light

Use light to make the room feel exactly how you want it to. Try a jute lampshade for a room with a nautical theme, or an adjustable metal shade lamp for a studious-feeling library. Depending on the color of your room and how much light the windows let in, decide between white light or yellow light when you buy bulbs. Yellow bulbs will create a cozy, evening glow while white lights will brighten and amplify.

Try dim Edison bulbs in your table lamp for a stark, industrial feel (the hipsters will love you) or a white linen lampshade for a simple, understated look.

Visit Your Local Jerome's Store

Pop into a Jerome's near you. We'll light you up -- more effectively than the lightbulb emoji. Ask for Jerry's price.