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At Jerome's, we pride ourselves on offering the best selection of area rugs in an array of patterns, styles, and sizes. Use the handy tips below to pick your next indoor and outdoor rugs and your friends and family will think you're a home decorating genius!

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Living Room Area Rugs Los Angeles

Ok, here's a secret: indoor and outdoor area rugs are great. In fact, they're such an easy way to quickly pull a space together, it'll feel like you're cheating. Area rugs instantly add style and color to any room of your home, protect your beautiful wood floors from damage, and bring the comfort of indoor living to outdoor living spaces.

Tips for Picking Living Room Area Rug Sizes

Like we mentioned above, installing living room area rugs is a simple way to add style to your decor; however, you can still screw it up if you don't follow some basic rules.

Just like with purchasing furniture, the most important rule of rug buying is to measure and then measure again. Few things scream interior design newbie like indoor and outdoor rugs that are too big or too small for the space they inhabit.

An easy hack for getting a sense of scale is to take a bed sheet and fold it down to the size you'd like your rug to be. Once you're satisfied with the scale, take measurements. Keep in mind that area rugs come in several standardized sizes, with 5 feet by 8 feet, 8 feet by 10 feet, and 9 feet by 12 feet being some of the more popular options. Before you head off to shop, remember to add 2 inches to your measurements to allow some wiggle room.

Indoor and Outdoor Area Rugs

What people love about indoor and outdoor area rugs is their versatility. By design, indoor and outdoor rugs are durable and usually made of weather-resistant materials like acrylic or Polypropylene. If you think that means having to put up with something that feels like AstroTurf, think again. Today's synthetic fiber rugs can be so soft and plush you won't think twice about kicking off your shoes and sinking your toes into them.

Use on your deck or porch, or add a touch of softness and comfort to your stone patio. Pick patterns and styles that complement the natural textures that abound in an outdoor environment. For maximum cozy effect, indoor and outdoor area rugs should be big enough that all furniture in a seating arrangement fits comfortably within the rug's parameters.

Living Room Area Rugs

Picking living room area rugs is where you can get fancy. The living room is usually the showroom of a home, so it's totally OK and advisable to splurge on a really beautiful area rug that you'll be proud to show off for years to come. Unlike your outdoor area rug, living room area rugs can be made of a vaster selection of materials because weather conditions and constant exposure to moisture are no concern. With that said, Jerome's has durability covered here too by offering rugs made of innovative materials like SmartStrand Silk.

A living room area rug should be the same size as your seating arrangement (example: sofa with loveseats and a coffee table in the center) to unify the collection of furniture and create a sense of relaxed intimacy. Leave at least 18 inches of uncovered space around the perimeter of your rug to create an attractive contrast between the rug and your wood flooring.

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You're invited to visit a Jerome's Furniture showroom to browse our selection of area rugs and to have one of our friendly sales associates assist you with your purchase. In-store and online visitors can also take advantage of Jerry's Price. Never heard of Jerry's Price? Ask us about it!