Jerry's Bloopers

You’ll find my “Bloopers” in all San Diego, Murrieta, and South Bay showrooms, and Distribution Center. You know, overstocked, blemished, and my “what the heck was I thinking?” furniture. And Prices? I’ve cut ‘em to the bone to make sure these “Bloopers” go fast. But they’re mostly
one-of-a-kinds... so when they’re gone they’re gone!

Jerry's Bloopers are discounted furniture offered at incredible savings off of Jerry's everyday low price due to the item being overstocked, discontinued, or blemished. You will find cheap couches, dining room, living room, bedrooms and more! You can find Jerry's Bloopers (Clearance Furniture Centers) at Jerome's 5 San Diego locations, Murrieta and distribution center. Hurry in for great deals because once they're gone... they're gone!