Sofa Beds, Sofa Sleepers, Couches, and Recliners

With our large selection of sofa beds, sofa sleeper, couches, and recliners, Jerome's furniture stores are your one-stop shop for turning your living room into a stylish entertainment space. We carry a wide variety of stationary, sectional, motion, and reclining pieces, enabling customers to create a unique and functional living room that is all their own. Add an end table, lamp, area rug, or any one of Jerome's accent pieces to help tie the room together. Whether you want a traditional living room feel or a more contemporary design, Jerome's can meet your needs. For a formal living room set-up, try using symmetrical furniture arrangement with area rugs and ornate accessories. Choosing furniture with sleek lines and simple features, and arranging them in more casual, asymmetrical design will give your living room an updated, contemporary feel. Try our Room Planner to see which floor plan suits you best.