Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Memory Foam and Gel Mattresses


You Probably Need a New Mattress If:


1) You suffer from back pains and aches.

2) You toss & turn at night.  The reason you do this is because you are looking to relieve pressure on your hips, shoulders, and knees while you sleep.

3) You are tired in the morning. All that tossing and turning keeps you from getting your proper rest!

4) You’ve had yours for 8 years or more.  Over time your mattress will lose support, the edges will collapse, it may develop bumps and lumps based on how you sleep, and it’s just not comfortable. 

5) You think you do.  A bad mattress never gets better; it just ruins your sleep night after night. 



You spend about 1/3 of your life on a mattress – and that’s just sleep.  Many of us are adding to that time by watching TV, working, eating, and reading in our beds as well.  What kind of car would you buy if you spent 8 or more hours in it every day?  It may be time to rethink your mattress. Doing so can literally change your life. 



Support from a mattress comes from within – these are the parts you don’t see.  There are two basic types of support for your mattress for you to consider. 

Individually wrapped steel coils

High Density Foam.  (These are the “pedic” lines of beds) 

Comfort Comes From What’s on the TOP of the mattress. 


How To Figure Out What is the Best Mattress for You

Shopping for a mattress is best as a hands on experience.  At Jerome’s we have Certified Bedding Specialists.  These associates go through hours of rigorous training and have to pass a 100-question test with 90% accuracy to earn the designation.  They stand ready to educate you on how to get a better night’s sleep.  Come learn.  You’ll be amazed at what you find out about such an every day activity. 


Here’s What They are Going to Ask You. 


How Do You Sleep?


Back ?



If you don’t know, think about it; notice it, ask your partner.  This matters. We have custom pillows for each type of sleeper.  It only makes sense that if you sleep on your back you need a lower pillow so that your neck isn’t cranked up when you sleep.  A side sleeper needs a higher pillow for more support. The sleep process is all about supporting your body in the right places.  Like most things, this starts with your head.  


What Do You Find Comfortable? 

Everyone is different in what they find comfortable.  Our beds are classified into 3 major categories for comfort. 




Our Certified Bedding Specialist will guide you to one of each of these types and ask you to lay there, with your head on the proper type of pillow, and just relax.  Feel free to take your time on this part.  There’s no rush.  After sampling each of the 3 categories of beds, we’ll know what makes your body feel best and we can narrow down your choices from there.  


The Jerome's Brand

A mattress is full of very quantifiable pieces and parts.  These are easily comparable. That's why Jerry has designed an exclusive line of mattresses sold only at Jerome's.  Simply put,  it provides more value to you if we don't purchase from from the National Brands. One out of every 4 mattresses purchased in San Diego County are purchased at Jerome's.  That's worth exploring. 


Beware: Not all Memory Foam is alike. Density matters.  Come in the store, and we can show you examples.  We’ll make you an expert and then you can expertly make your decision.  


Chill: You don’t have to worry about Memory Foam mattresses being hot.  Jerry specifies all foam used in Jerome’s mattresses is of the ventilated cool touch variety.  


Protect Your Investment

A mattress protector is just smart.  We won’t gross you out with what happens with your body while you sleep – Google it if you want to know.  Trust us.  A mattress protector makes sense.  We offer them at Jerome’s.  One stop shopping saves you time and money.