Valentine’s Day Ideas for a “Sweet” Holiday!


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most people are in a last minute scramble to make plans!  Since this holiday seems to come with crowded restaurants and pricey pre-fixed menus, planning a fun and romantic night at home may be just the ticket!  Whether you are in a relationship or single, Valentine’s Day is about LOVE plain and simple…so spend it with your loved ones whether it’s your spouse, family or friends.  Heather, Jerome’s Interior Designer, has given us a few fun and creative ways to enjoy this sweet holiday at home with the ones you love!

 New Couples:  Planning Valentine’s Day when you are in a new relationship can add a lot of pressure and stress!  The key is to keep it casual and plan a cozy yet romantic night at home.

One great idea is to opt for a fondue party or a Moroccan-inspired meal. Serving finger foods like these adds a romantic flavor. Also, consider using your cocktail table as a dining table and decorate with stylish throw cushions. With the addition of tons of candle light and brilliant red and orange colors, these simple touches will quickly set a relaxed, romantic mood

This great cocktail table with a pedestal base makes it easy to sit around and enjoy your Moroccan meal!  Place large and fun floor pillows on the floor around your cocktail table for comfy seating!

Long-term Relationships:  If you’re the cooking type, make a romantic home cooked meal together!  Visit an authentic, Italian market in Little Italy where they sell fresh home made pasta and sauce.  You and your hubby can sample and select the flavor of pasta and pick up all the other fixings for a delicious Italian feast!  Cook the meal together with romantic candlelight and music playing, and enjoy a special yet inexpensive meal!   Assenti’s Pasta is a great Italian Market located in Little Italy.

Create a fireside picnic!  Pull up a cozy sofa in front of a roaring fire, with some champagne on ice. For an added touch, serve strawberries to bring out the champagne’s flavor, or drop pomegranate seeds into the glass to tinge the bubbly pink.

For an extra special touch, instead of exchanging the typical gifts, exchange love letters to be read in front of the fire.


This Tara is the perfect “cuddling” sofa for you and your sweetie!


Couples with Kids:  Many parents would love to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day together, but finding a babysitter and getting dressed up after a long day at work can kill the mood.

To eliminate that stress, plan a stay-at-home PJ party that includes the kids and make it a “Family Valentine’s Day” celebration!  First, make a fun and easy dinner or dessert together as a family.  Making calzones with toppings of their choice or decorating heart shaped cookies are both fun and are crowd pleasers!

After dinner, get the kids started on a craft project that will keep them entertained and let you and your hubby curl up and relax together for a while.   Make the kids a “crafting kit” filled with scrapbooking supplies, colored pencils, and family photos so that they can work on a Valentine’s Day scrapbook for their parents.

This Eureka dining table is large enough to fit the whole family around for dinner or as a craft table!  The storage underneath can help store the kids crafting supplies and the distressed wood table top will hide and nicks or scratches!

Singles:  Even though you’re not in a relationship, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy this holiday of Love to the fullest!  Have a fun get together at home with Valentine’s Day themed decorations and food.  Invite all your friends, guys or girls, to come and indulge in pink and red sweets and treats.

Themed Rom-Com Party:  One great way to keep your guests entertained is to have fun and classic Rom-Coms playing on your television.  Try the 90’s favorite Love Potion #9!  Here is a “Love Potion #9” cocktail recipe to go along with your theme:

Ingredients  2 Ounces of Gin
1 Ounce of Rose Water
1 Ounce of Tonic Water
2 Ounces of Mango Juice
1 Blood Orange

Directions  In a cocktail glass add the Ice, Gin, Rose Water, Tonic Water and Mango Juice, stirring gently to infuse the flavors before garnishing with a slice of blood orange.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt:  Set up a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt for your friends to play through out the night!  Present your guests with cards displaying the following items that have been hidden around your home.

Heart sticker                  Hershey’s Kiss                     Lace heart
Pink balloon                   Pink candle                           Red bow
Red rose                        Crystal vase                        Queen of Hearts card
Heart-shaped cookie     Heart-shaped candies           Box of chocolates
Cupid                           Valentine’s Day card            Picture of love birds
Scented soap                Baby’s breath

Everyone uses the cards as a checklist of items they find and the first person to complete the list wins!  Have a fun Valentine’s themed gift basket ready for the winner.

This Branson dinette table and server is perfect for entertaining!  The fun bench makes seating more cozy and the server is perfect for setting up a bar station for your guests!

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